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Tech Support imageI have been fixing computers for a few years now, and all the answers I have ever needed were found on the Internet. People were kind enough to put up their fixes which cost them their blood, sweat and tears (literally).
My trouble came when I would go back to find a fix and find the website gone, or relocated. So I decided to post the fixes I use into a database so others could benefit from them as well.

The built-in registry editors in Windows 9.X, Windows NT & Windows 2000 leave a little bit to be desired. Regedit.exe will not allow you to do some things that Regedt32.exe can do. In Windows XP, the two are merged but even then they still have some issues.

Registry Commander from Aezay Productions is a great registry tool that works on all versions of Windows and offers the kind of functionality you need to really edit the registry.

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