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Castanet Email Account Setup
Author: Craig "hachiroku" Mercer
Date Created:2003-04-01
Operating System(s):Windows Logo imageWindows 9X/2000/XP
MacOS Logo imageMacOS 8.6>OS X
Linux Logo imagrLinux

When you get a Castanet Email Account, you will be supplied with a Castanet ID (ie: "jdoe") and an initial password. You can change your password at anytime by going to or by emailing me and I can reset it for ya!

Don't got a Castanet Email Account but want one? Drop Craig a line.

Email Aliases
Although you can recieve mail to your "" account, it is advisable to setup aliases to the account so you can have a more user friendly email address. Aliases can be up to 25 characters long and contain any combination of letters, numbers, hypens, underscores, and periods (ie:,,

Setting Up Aliases
To have an alias setup on your account, send an email to and make sure to specify which Castanet account you would like the alias setup on and what alias you would like. Once I set it up we will send a test message to that alias to confirm it is operational.

PEP (Personal Email Processor) Virus and Spam Filtering
Islandnet provides superior email services with PEP. PEP is a configurable tool that you can customize to scan your email for viruses and spam before it ever hits your inbox. To use PEP go to and login with your Castanet ID and password.

Checking Mail with Client Software (Outlook/Outlook Express/Eudora):

Incoming mail server (POP3):
Outgoing mail server (SMTP): check with your ISP
Account Name: jdoe
Password: ******

For more information on setting up email clients to check your Castanet Email Account, please refer back to the Email Tech Articles.

Checking Mail with Webmail
Islandnet provides webmail access from anywhere in the world. As long as you have internet access you can access your Castanet Email Account. Just go to and login in with your Castanet ID and Password, then click on webmail. You can also import your address book (from Outlook, Eudora etc) into Webmail as well...doing everything you can do with PC based email clients. Very cool!