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Digital Video Editing, VHS Conversion and DVD Production

Castanet provides an extensive range of digital video editing services as well as DVD design and production. Services include: VHS transfer to DVD, digital video editing of photos and raw video (either VHS or digital), DVD menu authoring, DVD case wrap sheet design and printing and DVD disc artwork design and printing on special ink jet printable discs.

Video Project Ideas
Promotional - Educational - Weddings - Birthdays - Family Vacations

Video CamcorderTo see a sample of Castanet video editing abilities, please view the following video Kishiwada Danjiri Matsuri which introduces the Kishiwada Danjiri Festival that happens each fall in southern Osaka, Japan. Taken from "The Mercers Adventures in Osaka" video short collection.

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      Filmed on: October 8th & 9th, 2005
      Length: 7:10
      File Type & Codec(s): FLV (Flash)

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Sylvan Acres 1997 Staff Video DVD
Sylvan Acres 1997 Staff Video DVD Cover
DVD Case Image
Sylvan Acres 1997 Staff Video DVD Media
DVD Disc Image

The Sylvan Acres Staff video project was a conversion from VHS tape to DVD. Originally completed in 1997 by Remi Quinter and Jeremy Kiffiak it was a pleasure to make this DVD version available for the Sylvan Staff Reunion held at Camp Columbia on Thetis Island in July 2008.

Captured from VHS to hard disc, menus were added as well as new transitions between scenes before being output to DVD.


Kirks Kendo DVD
Kirks Kendo DVD Cover
DVD Case Image
Kirks Kendo DVD Media
DVD Disc Image

While living in Japan my older brother Kirk came to visit. Kirk was invited to attend a New Years Eve/Day Kendo Practice at Osaka Taiiku Daigaku (Osaka University of Health and Sport Sciences). The video short and subsequent DVD was produced and given to members of the Kendo Dojo as a thank you for the invitation.


aim ENGLISH STUDIO - Halloween Party DVD
aim Halloween DVD Cover
DVD Case Image
aim Halloween DVD
DVD Disc Image

The Aim English Studio Halloween Party DVD. 250 people, a haunted house, bobbing for apples, pinatas...what's not to like? A collection of photos and video clips for the students and families of Aim English Studio in Osaka.


aim ENGLISH STUDIO - Summer Program DVD
aim Summer DVD
DVD Case Image

DVD Disc Image

An Aim English Studio first, a DVD collection of images and videos from the Aim Summer Program. Aim wanted to pursue a more robust promotional campaign and along with the deployment of a new website they opted to have Castanet produce a DVD of the summer program. Kids love to see themselves and their friends enjoying good times and this DVD will make sure that it happens for years to come.


LANage DVD Cover
DVD Case Image
LANage DVD Media
DVD Disc Image

The LANage Gaming group was more renown for their LANs than for their videos but that didn't stop them from recording a couple of Jeep Jumping videos in the PC game Battlefield 1942. The DVD was just a natural next step as a keep sake for some of the old school LANage group after the videos were a couple years old.


The Mercers Adventures in Osaka DVD
The Mercers DVD Cover
DVD Case Image
The Mercers DVD Media
DVD Disc Image

The Mercers Adventures in Osaka is a collection of video shorts that Craig & Kana Mercer created while living in Osaka, Japan. The DVD was a great way to give friends and family back in Canada a keepsake of these crazy adventures in Osaka.